The goal of this guide is to create the perfect Mac mini alternative using the Intel NUC Hades Canyon (NUC8i7HNK/NUC8i7HVK) and macOS. This guide is not for setting up a Hackintosh for any other machine. For a general Hackintosh guide, the Vanilla Hackintosh Guide is highly recommended and is the main source of inspiration for this guide.


Installation is simple and requires no prior knowledge or experience with Hackintoshes. All you need to do is make some BIOS changes, build an OSX installer flash drive from another Mac (with some patches), and run that installer on the NUC. The guide will explain all of this in detail.

Get started with the build!


This project aims to be the most complete Hackintosh build with no details overlooked. We have developed custom drivers, patches, and configurations specifically for the NUC Hades Canyon. We also follow Apple's lead in packaging all this in a user-friendly solution that does not require editing config files or understanding a list of jargon.

This is the only Hackintosh project developed from scratch to target a specific non-Apple board. We spent hundreds of hours reverse engineering Apple bootloaders, drivers, and NUC BIOS. We designed custom patches and drivers to bring macOS support to NUC Hades Canyon. As such, the level of compatibility is unprecedented.

Working Hardware

Working Software

Not Working/Issues

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